Googoo gaagaa

She talks to me, but I don’t understand her sounds, her words.
Right now, all I know is that “hakoo” means something joyous for her. Everytime I say “hakoo”, she jumps up with delight.
Her eyes speak, she laughs, she smiles.
I wish I could just record her voice on my phone and have it magically decipher what she speaks.
Sometimes, in her sleep, she smiles, sometimes she cries. Often I have been told that they remember their past life when this happens.
How awesome would it be if my phone had the super power to decode the meanings of expressions, interpret her dreams.
How magical it would be if I could record the things I want to say to her and have my phone act as a translator and tell her in baby language the way I feel. How brilliant it would be if I could have conversations with her!
She came home with me, a tiny bundle of joy, and she’s growing at such an alarming rate, I dread the day she’ll turn into an angry teenager refusing to talk to me.
On the one hand I want her to grow quickly and on the other I wish she would forever remain this innocent, trusting being who smiles when I smile at her and looks at me with nothing but love in her eyes. I wish my phone had the super power to keep an essence of her baby spirit forever captured for the times when I miss the baby her!
I wish my phone could tell me before any calamity befalls her so that I may forever be there to protect her!

This is my entry for the asus zenphone contest hosted by indiblogger.


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